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Finding Balance – October 9, 2004
I have been chatting with a friend about making lifestyle changes. She was feeling guilty because on a recent road trip, she had stopped at a fast food outlet’s drive-through window. She approves of neither the politics nor the food at this restaurant, but was hungry and it was the only place accessible and open. Nevertheless, a week later, she was still beating herself up over the incident and seemed on the verge of a self-imposed frenzy of deprivation in order to compensate for her perceived backsliding. I told her that living lightly on the earth is a journey, not a destination...a process not a product. There is no right way, just a commitment to keep moving in the right direction (and not worrying about the odd little sidestep). 

I’ve been on this path for over 30 years, but still the contents of my closet would outfit two or three families, the number of books on my shelves would furnish a small town library, and I love my morning latte. The way I see it, healthy, sustainable living is all about finding a graceful balance. For instance, I’ll gratefully eat turkey with friends this Thanksgiving weekend, because the joy of sharing and caring is more important to me than sticking rigidly to a vegetarian diet. Finding balance along a challenging path means living mindfully, – knowing who we are, where we came from, where we are going and why. That awareness helps keep us focused on the larger goal of reducing our negative impact on the planet while living a healthy lifestyle...and enjoying our lives along the way.
Posted: 2004/10/09 11:38 PM

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