Thank you for stopping by this website, and welcome. This site provides access to the work that I have been doing for the past forty years. That work encompasses green living, unschooling / life learning, natural parenting, and entrepreneurship/home-based/micro business. Aside from those being my passions – and therefore what I like to write about – I understand that everything we do in our everyday lives connects us with the web of life on Earth. Therefore, the physical, mental, economic, and social health of our families and of our environment is a reflection of the choices we make.

My work involves helping people understand the range of choices available and encouraging them to challenge the assumptions inherent in those choices so that they make the right ones for themselves, their families, and the Earth. I believe that we have reached the stage where we need to rethink how we live in our families and our communities, and on our planet. And, in my opinion, that means embracing smaller-scale, local ways of doing things, and becoming more self-reliant in the way that we think, educate ourselves, and live.

So I am pleased to meet you here and would be happy to engage with you on these topics via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Scoop.it, Google+ or LinkedIn. I also blog regularly. There are links to the blog and some of my other writing at the top of this page, and a few pieces are on Scribd. I hope you will enjoy and be inspired, or at least informed, by the selection of the work I’ve presented on this website. Please use the links at the top of the page to explore this space and my company’s websites.

Please note: This website is currently being upgraded and overhauled. Thanks for your patience. I hope you’ll come back in a day or two when there are many more links to my work.